Frequently Asked Questions about our floor sanding services

How long will the floor sanding job take?

You can expect at least two days for all jobs due to the coat and cure time of the polyurethane. We suggest allowing at least 5-7 days from start to finish.


Who will be in my home doing the floor sanding?

All our staff are Site Safe approved and we are a family business with a solid reputation, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are trustworthy. We are also insured for any accidental damage that may occur.


When can I walk on the floor?

The floor will be dry to the touch within 24 hours, so you can walk on it then. But - it will not be fully cured for at least seven days, as per manufacturers recommendation and warranty coverage. Before this time is up, you must remove your shoes and make sure not to put any heavy furniture on the floor. If you need to put furniture down before the seven days is up, make sure not to drag the furniture - place the furniture gently where you want it and put carpet under the furniture feet to avoid denting and scratching.


What about dust?

Handy Sander's floor sanding machines operate 99 percent dust free and have extractors. There will be very mininmal dust.


Can I stay in the house while you work?

No, sorry. Many of our finishing and polyurethaning agents are toxic - solvent-based polyurethane is particularly so. While working with these materials, we wear dedicated safety and breathing equipment. It would be dangerous to remain in the house while the polyurethane is being applied or before the 24 hour initial curing (drying) period is up.


Can I leave the pets behind?

No, polyurethanes are just as toxic to pets as humans. The same rules apply to pets as to us!


Does the polyurethane smell?

Both moisture cured (solvent-based) and water-based polyurethanes have a smell. The smell of moisture-cured polyurethanes is very strong, and toxic.


Do the polyurethanes remain toxic after they have dried?

After the polyurethanes have cured (dried) they stop smelling and become non-toxic surfaces.


How long will my new floor last?

With good maintenance and care, your floor should last for 10-15 years.


What is the best way to clean my floor?

We suggest mopping with hot (not boiling) water and methylated spirits solution in a 4:1 ratio (four cups water to one of meths) to clean the floor.


Can I use a steam mop or vacuum cleaner?

Steam mops are not recommended as the intense heat can delaminate the polyurethane coating. Spot cleaning, vacuuming with a soft head attachment or sweeping with a ragmop/dustmop are the best options.

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