Floor Sanding Process

After you contact us, we'll take down your details and make a time to come around for a quote. A Handy Sanders rep will visit you, measure up the area to be worked as required, and will either provide you with a quote on the spot or follow up with a phone call or email within a day or two (depending on quote details and calculations. Simple quotes will be given at time of visit.)

Once you've accepted the quote, you book us for the job, and our crew advises of the job start date so you can shift any furniture that might be in the work area. On the job start date, the crew will arrive between 8-9 AM.

How it works

Stage One: Any existing floor covering or coating - carpet, vinyl, etc - is removed, and any demolitions or repairs needed are completed.

Stage Two: Nail punching/filing and removing tacks or any other foreign objects in floor.

Stage Three: We start the sanding process, beginning with coarse sandpaper as needed and moving on to a fine sandpaper for a smooth, polished finish. This removes impurities, smooths and levels the floor for Stage Four

Stage Four: Finishing. The sanded floor is stained or coated with the desired product and left to dry. Depending on the product used, several coats may be needed.

Handy Sanders will advise you throughout the process of what is going on, any difficulties encountered and when it will be time to move your furniture back in to the finished rooms.

Book a free consultation with Handy Sanders today - or, if you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact us.